• Stanford's programs at the intersection of science and art promote thinking that stretches traditional boundaries.

  • Home to some of the world's most important and cutting-edge research, Stanford invites undergraduates to roll up their sleeves and join in.

  • Learning here is dynamic, driven by conversation and elevated by relationships.

  • When something doesn't exist, but should, our students get the resources and support to make it a reality.

  • Dozens of ensembles, hundreds of performances and endless passion drive a vibrant campus arts scene.

  • Known as The Farm, Stanford's campus is home to 43,000 trees, 25 fountains—and a host of world-class research and teaching facilities.

  • People at Stanford draw inspiration from a stunning, 8,180-acre campus, 60 percent of which remains open space.

  • We believe the world’s best undergraduates should have access to the latest technologies.

  • With California’s natural riches as our classroom and laboratory, opportunities for fieldwork abound.

  • Beyond lectures and labs and seminar discussions, our students’ greatest learning often comes through mentorship.

  • Call it a continuum; on the Farm, it’s sometimes hard to tell where learning ends and the rest of life begins.

Many Options

Maximum choice. Minimal structure. Hundreds of courses give you freedom to explore. Basic requirements enhance freedom by ensuring broad exposure to different ways of thinking and doing.

Resources and Support

We think big (70 undergraduate fields of study; $5 million annually for undergraduate research funding) but have a personal feel (4:1 undergraduate-to-faculty ratio; a 16-student limit on introductory seminar classes).

Constant Connections

Three undergraduate schools, seven graduate schools, 130 research centers and laboratories, and more than 40 interdisciplinary programs mean countless overlapping conversations. Here you will test limits and intersect countless boundaries.

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