Help With Costs

We will make it possible

We Meet Full Need

For every admitted student who qualifies for financial assistance, we put together an aid package that meets his or her family’s full demonstrated need with a combination of scholarship and grant funds—and does not include student loans. If you think you need financial assistance and haven’t yet applied, please do so as soon as possible.

A Generous Policy

The typical parent with total annual income below $65,000 will pay nothing toward the cost of Stanford; for students from a typical family with total income less than $125,000, full tuition will be covered by scholarships and grants. Because we take each family’s specific situation into account, even families with significantly higher income levels may qualify for assistance.

Need-Blind Admission

For US citizens and eligible noncitizens, family finances are not a factor. Admission decisions are based entirely on merit, on our sense of who has the most to contribute to our community. Aid is available for exceptional international applicants.