Keegan Livermore

Hometown: Portland, OR
Major: physics

What is/was your favorite class?

Last year, I participated in a freshman program called the Structured Liberal Education (SLE) program, which has students who live together in a dorm complex read the foundation of modern thought, from Plato and Socrates, to Virgil, to Dante, to Locke, to Marx, and so many others. Reading these "canonical" texts, have lecturers from around the university, and discussions with dorm mates really made my first three quarters on the Farm engaging.

What is your favorite in-between class activity?

In between classes, provided it's warm, I'll set up my hammock between two trees near the Quad, outside of Green library. I love literally hanging there, sometimes working, sometimes reading, most times trying not to pass out.

What is your favorite off-campus destination? 

In San Francisco, there exists a place called Bob's Donuts, with a plethora of variety and low prices. I went here last year on a whim, at about 11 o'clock at night with some of my friends. We got there, and discovered that there is a challenge where you can buy a donut the size of a dinner plate, and can get reimbursed if you can eat it in less than three minutes. Bob's Donuts is open pretty much 24 hours, making it a delightful little nook to go explore.

What are your two favorite extra-curricular activities?

I recently joined the Stanford Dragonboat team, a paddling sport originating from Asia, where 20 paddlers attempt to be in perfect unison for a 500m stretch of water, all whilst competing against three or four other boats. I also joined the production crew of this year's Original Winter One Acts, put on by Ram's Head Theatrical Society. Produced, written, directed and managed entirely by students, the One Acts give both theater vets and newbies a chance to try something different in the world of theater. 

Why Stanford?

I chose Stanford because of its fun-loving, dedicated West Coast identity. In making my decision during my senior year of high school, I found myself between two upper-tier schools, Stanford included. After coming to Admit Weekend, I found that students here were able to maintain an academic and thoughtful perspective while still finding time to go run through fountains or watch movies in the History corner. Everyone here feels like they can do anything, which is pretty true, in my experience.

Describe the moment you were admitted to Stanford. What were you doing? How did you feel? What was the first thing you did right afterward? Who was the first person you shared the news with?

When I found out I was admitted to Stanford, I was packing for a family vacation the next week. I checked my email, and saw the subject line a couple of days earlier than expected. I didn't really read much into it at first, and just clicked on the email. Glossing over the introductory lines, I didn't really comprehend it at first... I had to re-read it three or four times until I realized what it was actually saying. I had already gotten back some surprising admissions, and Stanford was the cherry on top. It was the last decision I had to receive, and when I immediately told my mom, she screamed and immediately told whoever she was on the phone with (a family friend, or something).

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