Poorwa Godbole

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Major: undeclared

Favorite in-between class activity:

Grab food from the hidden Thai café!

Favorite off-campus destination:


Biggest expectation-exceeder:

When I came to Stanford, I thought people would be smart, friendly, and normal. I quickly realized that students at Stanford are much more than just smart and friendly . . . and they are certainly not normal. Stanford is truly the only place where you can find such cooperative, passionate, driven, and intelligent people all in the same place. I love that I can wake up every morning confident that I will learn something new and interesting from my friends and peers. Being at Stanford is an incredibly humbling, enlightening, and inspiring experience.

Describe the moment you were admitted to Stanford. What were you doing? How did you feel? What was the first thing you did right afterward? Who was the first person you shared the news with?

The day I got my Stanford acceptance, I was taken completely by surprise. The decision letters were not supposed to come out for another few days, so when I saw a decision email in my inbox I was shocked. I casually opened it, and suddenly let out a scream and burst into tears of joy. I ran downstairs to tell my mom and quickly called my sister, dad, and best friend. That night we went out to dinner to celebrate, and my sister surprised me with a cake decorated with the Stanford “S”. It was easily and unexpectedly the most exciting day of my life!

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