Virtual Admit Weekend

As you weigh your options, join us for a virtual day of Stanford events.

View recordings of the day below.

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Saturday, April 25

  • 9:00 AM

    University Welcome

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    Ryland Pampush ’21

    Admit Weekend Coordinator


    Richard H. Shaw

    Dean of Admission and Financial Aid


    Persis S. Drell



    Marc Tessier-Lavigne


  • 10:15 am

    Stanford Student Panel

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    Current Stanford students discuss and answer questions about their experience with Stanford culture, academics, finding community, dorms, food, etc.


    Harry J. Elam, Jr.

    Senior Vice Provost for Education
    Vice President for the Arts
    Freeman-Thornton Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education
    Olive H. Palmer Professor in the Humanities


    Martin Alcaraz ’20



    Mo Asebiomo ’20

    Psychology and Theater and Performance Studies

    Earth Systems Coterm


    Kimiko Hirota ’20

    Sociology and Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity


    Amanda Rizkalla ’20

    English, Creative Writing, and Digital Humanities

  • 11:15 am

    Academic Advising Panel

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    Louis Newman and three members of the Academic Advising team will discuss and answer questions about the myriad of ways Stanford works with undergraduates to support their academic journey.

    Louis Newman

    Dean of Academic Advising


    Rebecca Curtin

    Academic Advisor for Pre-professional Students


    Chad Coates

    Academic Advising Director


    Christine Lee

    Academic Advising Director

  • 1:00 pm

    Financial Aid

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    Karen Cooper and Ashley Lippert will discuss the financial aid and bill payment processes at Stanford and answer your questions. Slides from this presentation and Financial Aid FAQ’s are available to view and download.

    Karen Cooper

    Associate Dean and Director of Financial Aid


    Ashley Lippert

    Director of the Student Services Center and the Office for Military-Affiliated Communities

  • 2:00 pm

    Safety & Well-Being Panel

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    Susie Brubaker-Cole will facilitate a discussion with representatives of campus offices dedicated to preserving and promoting the safety and wellness of students. Each panelist will briefly discuss the role of their office, and the group will respond to audience questions.

    Susie Brubaker-Cole

    Vice Provost for Student Affairs


    Laura Wilson

    Chief of Police


    Bina Patel

    Director of  Counseling and Psychological Service at Vaden Health Center


    Lauren Schoenthaler

    Senior Associate Vice Provost for Institutional Equity & Access


    Ralph Castro

    Associate Dean of Students

    Director of the Office of Alcohol Policy and Education


    Cheryl Brown

    Assistant Vice Provost for Residential Education


    Mona Hicks

    Senior Associate Vice Provost and Dean of Students


    Emelyn dela Pena

    Associate Vice Provost for Inclusion, Community and Integrative Learning

  • 3:00 pm

    Parent-to-Parent Panel

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    Parents of current Stanford students discuss their experiences and answer questions about everything from preparing for the first year, to supports on campus, to basics like laundry and bike safety. Join us for a light conversation as panelists share what it means to be part of the extended Stanford Family.

    Cheryl Brown

    Assistant Vice Provost for Residential Education

  • 4:00 pm

    Stanford Communities Panel

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    Jan Barker-Alexander will facilitate a discussion with current students representing the Centers for Equity, Community, and Leadership (ECL) community and cultural centers, and the First Gen and/or Low Income (FLI) Office addressing how they found and continue to foster community at Stanford.


    The ECL community and cultural centers include: Asian American Activities Center, Black Community Services Center, El Centro Chicano y Latino, Queer Student Resources, The Markaz: Resource Center, Native American Cultural Center, and the Women’s Community Center.


    Jan Barker-Alexander

    Assistant Vice Provost of Student Affairs Centers for Equity, Community, and Leadership (ECL) & Offices of First Generation/Low Income Programs and Military Affiliated Communities


    Arielle Williams ’20


    Ginger Gramson ’20


    Tamilore Awosile ’23


    Stephanie Chao ’20


    Caelin Marum ’21


    Faatimah Solomon ’21


    Kevin Calderon ’22


    Richard Coca ’22