Religious & Spiritual Life on Campus

Spirituality at Stanford

Opportunities offered through the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life

Stanford Associated Religions (SAR) Stanford Associated Religions is home to nearly thirty vibrant student religious groups representing a wide range of spiritual and religious identities. To explore the current virtual offerings provided by these groups during spring quarter visit our list of virtual gatherings compiled from our student groups.

Interfaith Engagement The Office of Religious and Spiritual Life hosts a series of opportunities for students to engage in meaningful interfaith discussions, programs, and courses including the Fellowship for Religious Encounter, Reflective Practice and Social Change Fellowship and the Rathbun Program.

Contemplative Programming We offer a wide range of contemplative programming each quarter, held in our beautiful multi-faith center the CIRCLE.

University Public Worship University Public Worship gathers weekly for the religious, spiritual, ethical, and moral formation of the Stanford community. Rooted in the history and progressive Christian tradition of Stanford’s historic Memorial Church, we cultivate a community of compassion and belonging through ecumenical Christian worship and occasional multi-faith celebrations. All are welcome.