Travel Grant & Lodging Guide | Admit Weekend 2022

for admitted students 17 years and younger on April 28

As a recipient of a Stanford Travel Grant, you are eligible for funding to assist you and one parent or guardian in your travel to Admit Weekend. You are also eligible for lodging covered by Stanford at a local hotel. Please read below to understand what the grant covers and how to book your travel and lodging. If you have any questions about travel grant support or travel policies, please email

Air Travel

In order to use our travel grant funds, you must book your flights to/from the Bay Area through our approved booking agency, AmTrav. AmTrav knows you are a Stanford Travel Grant recipient as well as your travel grant award amount. AmTrav will bill Stanford directly for the cost of air travel, up to the amount you have been awarded. Their travel agents are ready to help you with your travel needs.

To book your travel, please complete the Stanford travel request form, where you will be asked to provide the following for you and your parent/guardian:

  • The exact full spelling of your name as it appears on a government-issued photo ID with which you will be traveling, such as driver’s license or passport. If your photo ID has your full middle name or initial, please list it. Airport Security (TSA) requires an exact spelling match between your government-issued picture ID and your airline ticket.
  • The dates of your travel. The travel grant only covers admitted student airfare expenses for travel to Admit Weekend, and travel must take place between April 28 – April 30. We recommend targeting arrival between 2:00 – 8:00 p.m. PDT on Thursday and departure early-to-mid afternoon on Saturday.
  • Contact information, e-mail address, cell phone number
  • An emergency contact number
  • Your departure and arrival airports. You should be flying from your home location or school location, whichever is most applicable. If you need to fly from or to an alternate location, please email for approval before booking your travel.

Additional parents, guardians, relatives or guests are not covered by this grant, but AmTrav can arrange travel for others in your party separately and provide a consolidated itinerary.

Airport parking, baggage fees, airline meals, early check-in, wifi, and extra legroom are not covered by travel grant funds.

All airfare bookings are final. Once travel arrangements are confirmed, any changes that result in additional fees will be the responsibility of the traveler. This includes rebooking fees and airline change fees.

All changes or cancellations must be made through AmTrav.

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Ground Transportation

Stanford will cover the cost of ground transportation, via a ride sharing service, for you and your parent/guardian in the same car from and to your Bay Area airport upon arrival and departure, respectively. You will receive voucher information for this travel upon completion of both Admit Weekend registration and airfare booking.

Stanford will facilitate complementary transportation between your hotel and campus for all major Admit Weekend events.

Rental cars, parking, and other ground transportation, both in the Bay Area and in your home city, are not covered. If your parent/guardian rides separately from you, the cost of their ground transportation will not be covered.

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Stanford will provide one room per party for the nights of Thursday, April 28 and Friday, April 29. You will receive hotel details from the Office of Undergraduate Admission after both registering for Admit Weekend and booking airfare. You do not need to reserve lodging on your own.

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